Salesforce Training 

salesforce training for your team

Does your company have a CRM solution, but still suffers from disorganized processes?

Technology gives businesses the opportunity to reduce stress caused by manual paperwork and the use of multiple systems. Unfortunately, people are often reluctant to change and new “processes” can shock a company’s structure. Software solutions may be perceived as unnecessary and in order to adopt a successful Salesforce implementation, employees need proper training.

Don’t waste time, money and energy in a software solution that you aren’t fully leveraging; help your company ease into a digital transformation.

The Top Three Ways You Can Help Get Employees On Board with Salesforce Training

    • Create a structured approach to clear confusion, feature functionality and break down any barriers.
    • Pave the way by empathizing with individual users and show them how to fully utilize the platform to obtain the best possible value from your Salesforce investment.
    • Have a management support system excite the “super users” to become mentors to the ones that are struggling.

Lack of Salesforce Training for Your Team, is the Number One Barrier to Successful User Adoption.

A customized program holds everyone accountable so you can have a successful Salesforce implementation. If an employee doesn’t see the value of the platform, then the company’s goals to save time and be more productive will not be reached. A support system clears confusion and boosts training. When you help employees by providing proper Salesforce training, your company as a whole will get more accustomed to the system.

Salesforce User Adoption

When a company is undergoing a digital transformation, key people need to be involved in every step of the way

  •  Team members should be interviewed to see how their objectives can be aligned with your instance.
  •  Employees also need to be guided throughout all phases of the first few projects for support and advocacy.

Are you using your Salesforce instance to its maximum potential?

Measure Your User Success
  • Develop custom metrics to monitor as well as manage user adoption and link application usage to your overall business goals.
  • Seek out an implementation partner that can make all the difference!

Hasler Solutions is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner that specializes in the configuration, customization, and implementation of a wide array of Salesforce platforms.  If you are having problems with user adoption or need help with training, contact Hasler Solutions. Discover how we can guide your team in efficiency, ease of use of your Salesforce instance and total team alliance.